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M*A*S*H Miami Presents:

Curated by Nina Arias & Paco Barragán

Produced by Cottelston Advisors
December 1-9 2007

Miami Preview: Saturday, Dec 1st, 7pm-10pm
VIP Opening: Thursday, Dec 6 th , 8pm-midnight
Exhibit Tours: Friday, Dec 7 th , 9am-noon
Gallery Walk: Saturday, Dec 8 th , 8pm-midnight
Daily Hours: Thursday-Sunday, 11am-7pm
3800 N. Miami Ave, Miami Design District, Miami FL 33127

The Expanded Painting Show aims to further the conceptual explorations of
The Castellón International Expanded Painting Prize that began in 2004. This Exhibition constitutes the most comprehensive presentation in Miami to date of the concept known as expanded painting , highlighting the work of 25 emerging artists from all over the world.

Featuring works by: Pedro Barbeito , Roberto Coromina, Angelo Filomeno, Chus García-Fraile, Jaime Gili, Jacin Giordano , Ryan Humphrey , Ivelisse Jiménez , Yui Kugimiya , Clemencia Labin , Dominik Lejman, Pepe Mar , Dani Marti , Gean Moreno , Manfred Peckl, Gavin Perry, Tao Rey, David Rohn , Adam Ross, Diego Singh , Saso Stanojkovic , Vargas Suárez-Universal, Claude Temin-Vergez, and Tim White-Sobieski

The concept and criteria:
Expanded painting has to be understood as the relationship and interaction
of painting with other media such as photography, video, installation,
sculpture or new technologies (painting, 3D, collage, projected painting,
installation) and on any kind of support (canvas, DVD, paper, plastic,
wood), as here is where the creativity and future of painting resides.

The exhibition tackles key references, such as :
•  painting in relation to other media
•  the way artists shift the use of technology as a novelty towards a more social and political use
•  new ways of understanding the debate figuration-abstraction related to high and low resolution of the pixel
•  the re-reading of classical genres.

The Expanded Painting Show explores what painting is and can mean in the present moment when the strategies of pictorial creation as well as the reception of the image have been altered dramatically.

Painting expands recalling Rosalind Kraus's concept of sculpture in the expanded field towards other media and this intermedial edge does not disqualify painting as a medium, but rather the opposite, it suggests its enormous potential . If we accept the idea that the paintings that have stood the test of time, historically are those that reflected on the cultural and social developments of that time, the  artists presented expand, trough their pictorial practice towards other disciplines: be it projected painting as in works by Dominik Lejman, and Saso Stanojkovic; a video still on Dibond by Chus García-Fraile; the sculptural paintings by Gean Moreno and David Rohn; the wall installations of Vargas Suárez-Universal, Claude Temin Vergez and Clemencia Labin; ambient installations like the ones proposed by Roberto Coromina; or at first sight bi-dimensional works like Pedro Barbeito and Adam Ross where the digital comes into play.

The digital syntax calls into question the pictorial construction of a painting using internet, mass media, as well as digital video, photo cameras, game consoles and programs like Photoshop. These and other technologies, together with a more interdisciplinary artistic approach where sculpture, installation, and photography come into play, allow the artist new means to find, capture, sample and construct images. Basically, this means a whole new way of creating and looking at a painting .

About the Curators:
Nina Arias
, an Independent Curator from Miami has been an integral part of
Miami's art community for the past 8 years. Curator of critically acclaimed exhibitions such as: Drawing Conclusions 2003 at Buena Vista Building, Miami; Hanging By a Thread 2005 at the Moore Space, Design District; Curator of Exhibitions Rocket Projects Gallery 2003-2004, Co- Founder of the Wynwood Art District Association 2004, Co-Founder of the Independent Cultural Access Society 2006, a new arts non-profit organization dedicated to promoting
access to the arts in Miami. Special Guest Curator for projects at Scope Art
Fair Miami, New York & Hamptons, and Photo Miami Art Fair.

Paco Barragán , is an Independent Curator based in Madrid. Since 2004 he has been involved with the Castellón International Expanded Painting Prize as advisor and between 2005 and 2007 he held the title of Artistic Director. Other shows curated related to this topic are Video Killed the Painting Star or when a painting moves something must be rotten co-curated with Javier Panera for the Domus Artium (DA2) in Salamanca, Spain (1April-1 June 2007) and itinerating; Della Pittura Digitalis: On Painting and the Digital Moment , Galerie Caprice Horn, Berlin (june-july 2007). Other shows are a.o. nEUclear reactions for "Second Sight", International Biennale of Contemporary Art (IBCA), National Gallery, Prague (2005), and Don't Call it Performance at the Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid, Spain (2003), and Museo del Barrio, New York (2004).

About M*A*S*H Miami:

M*A*S*H is a series of cutting-edge contemporary art exhibitions produced by Cottelston Advisors that take place during major art fairs. M*A*S*H has repeatedly distinguished itself as fluid and agile art exhibition, highlighting a diverse range of media created by artists with fresh perspectives. The name is drawn from Mobile Army Surgical Hospitals and references the shows unique position at the front lines of contemporary art. The goal of M*A*S*H is to empower the independent curator, leaving the selection of artists and work solely to rotating curators, allowing these professionals the opportunity to showcase the most exciting emerging artists today.

Sponsors : Christiania Vodka

For further information and images, go to or contact:
Nina Arias, Independent Curator, 786-543-5150
Michael Sellinger, Cottelston Advisors, 917-514-7007 .